Pease Bay Holiday in Scotland

My Holiday Sketchbook

Yesterday I got back from a lovely holiday in Scotland. We stayed about an hour away from Edinburgh and I loved exploring new places! The site we stayed at was literally on the beach, which meant I went there every single day during the whole week. Now if any of you know me well enough, you will be aware of the fact that I would probably take a sketchbook along with me, because imagine an entire week with out drawing, (I know impossible)! So of course I took a sketchbook with me and not one, but two pencil cases!

Summer Holiday Drawing
On the way there, I was drawing in the car!

When we set off along the road, my sketchbook quickly made an appearance. As I have never suffered from travel sickness, I have always loved to draw whilst on journeys. I decided to draw some cars and a caravan making their way to their holiday destinations (well that’s what I can presume). You will also have to excuse all of the wobbly lines in this sketch, because it’s quite hard to draw in a moving car.

Drawing on the Beach
Happily sketching on the beach

As I have already mentioned, I went to the beach at least once a day. We were extremely lucky with the weather, baring in mind that it’s Scotland after all! A few times I took my art essentials with me and enjoyed painting away on the sand. In the North Sea, I did dip my feet in to go paddling on a few occasions, but it was freezing, turning my toes purple, which always happens when they feel the cold!

Mermaid Beach Drawing by Hannah Robinson
A mermaid drawn at the beach!

Here is one of the sketches I drew at the beach, two mermaids (if you include the panda mermaid). Sketching on the beach was basically a constant battle between me and the sand on windier days. When there was a big gust of wind, little sand grains would blow over everything. In fact I still have sand stuck into some of my watercolour half pans now! When the sand blew over the picture I was working on, it just loved to stick to the wet paint, so that was definitely a challenge!

Edinburgh Zoo Panda Drawing Sketch
I was more than excited to meet a panda!

On Tuesday, we went to Edinburgh Zoo and this zoo is home to the UK’s only giant pandas! As you may of guessed, I am obsessed with pandas and before Tuesday, I had never seen one with my very own eyes. When we arrived at the panda enclosure, the panda who was in the outside part of their enclosure was fast asleep with only a part of his face showing. After waiting a bit longer, he eventually turned his head and looked at all of us and then decided to go back to sleep with his back to us all! I took lots of pictures (of course) and decided to recreate one of the pictures when he was looking at us in my sketchbook. We were extremely lucky to see him.

St Abbs Harbour in Scotland
Exploring the local area…

When we weren’t meeting pandas or on the beach, we enjoyed exploring the local area around us. Here is a picture that I took at St Abbs of the harbour. I took quite a lot of photos during the week and I plan to maybe do some acrylic paintings based off some of my favourite holiday photos when I get the chance.

BBQ Food Sketchbook Hannah Robinson Illustrations
I drew some of our tasty food sat in the sunshine!

One day for lunch we had a BBQ outside in the sun! Whilst my very hungry stomach dreamt about all of the tasty food it was soon to be filled with, I sketched the food with lots of colour.

Car Journey Doodle by Hannah Robinson Illustrations
Me and my sisters on the way home (and don’t forget Tasha’s countless cuddly toys)!

The week quickly came to a close and we were soon on our way back home to Lancashire. During the car journey, I doodled me and my sisters, and Natasha’s cuddly toys (which made the situation even more squished)! I hope you enjoyed a brief peek into my holiday sketchbook, because I certainly enjoyed drawing them. Over the coming years, it will be great to look back at the drawings I did whilst I was away on this holiday, because it takes you back to where you created the drawing.

Winsor and Newton Ink Artwork by Hannah Robinson Illustrations

Winsor and Newton Ink Review

Fairly recently, a different art supply had fallen under my favourite art materials list, Winsor and Newton ink! Not only does it come in an extremely cool, little bottle, the actual ink is just like magic as well! As I have experimenting with it, I thought that I could write a blog post on how I am finding the world of ink so far…

Winsor and Newton Drawing Ink Bottles
A drawing of ink, drawn in ink!

For roughly over a year, I have been using black ink for outlines and various other little things in my illustrations. Across social media, I have seen a wide range of different artists and illustrators use coloured ink and I knew that I just wanted a go! Therefore I treated myself to a set of eight colours to go with a few bottles I had already collected.

Ink and Watercolour Comparison
The difference between watercolour and ink.

My favourite and most used art supply is watercolour. So I was very interested to compare ink with watercolour (even though they are two completely different things). To really compare them, I drew the same image out twice and coloured one in with ink, the other with watercolour. In conclusion, inks are basically a lot brighter!

Winsor and Newton Drawing Ink Colour Swatches
Winsor and Newton drawing ink colour swatches.

To fully put my brand new Winsor and Newton inks to the test, I decided to create a whole illustration just using ink (apart from a bit of coloured pencil at the end). Above you can see all the colours I had to work with.

Winsor and Newton Black Indian Ink
Black Indian ink is perfect for outlines!

First I inked an outline for my illustration with black Indian ink and a dip pen. A little fairy sat on a toadstool seemed like the ideal subject to paint, because I could easily make use of the bright colours and the gold for fairy sparkle wings! One thing that is really useful for me, is that this drawing ink is water resistant. So once it has dried, I don’t have to worry about any outlines deciding to run when I add more ink (in this case) or sometimes watercolour.

Fairy Toadstool Ink Artwork by Hannah Robinson Illustrations
This is what my artwork looked like after pretty much one layer of ink.

And would you believe, this is just one layer of ink? It went on really well and created such bright, vivid colours with just one layer (impossible with watercolour). As I didn’t have every single colour of ink in the world, I mixed a lot of the colours and the ink went together very well! I was amazed to see the wide range of colours I could get from just a small selection of bottled ink. If I wanted to make the colours a bit softer like watercolour, I could simply add a little water to dilute the ink.

Fairy Toadstool Illustration by Hannah Robinson Illustrations
The finished illustration!

After a bit more work, the illustration came together. I have to say, I am extremly impressed with my new ink, but I would like to mention all views are my own. In future drawings, you will definitely see me using ink more and more, alongside my trusty watercolours. In fact, I am more than positive that my collection is set to expand, because there are twenty six colours in the Winsor and Newton drawing ink range, with some beautiful colours which you can purchase!

Draw for Animals Red Panda Illustration by Hannah Robinson

Draw for Animals

For this week’s blog post, I decided to write about something that is happening on the 1st of August, because it is for such a good cause. It is all about a campaign called  Draw for Animals, which has an aim to raise money to support Chester Zoo‘s Act for Wildlife campaign. They have been asking lots of different artists and illustrators to get involved by donating an A4 illustration or print of any animal and I have donated a red panda illustration!

Draw for Animals Logo
Draw for Animals is an online auction taking place on the 1st of August to raise money for Chester Zoo.

Draw for Animals was started and led by illustrator Sean Webster and author Sheryl Webster and the campaign hopes to make a difference to endangered animals across the world. All of the illustrations and prints will be in an online auction taking place on the 1st of August, which you can find here. Make sure you have a peek at all of the amazing artwork that has been donated (there are even a few pandas)!

Draw for Animals at Chester Zoo
The money raised will help Chester Zoo save endangered animals.

It is actually surprising how many animals are actually endangered across the globe. Some species such as black rhinos are even close to becoming extinct, because there are only around 700 left in the wild. All money raised will go towards preventing incredible animals from disappearing all together. Other animals that Chester Zoo are fighting to help include: Asian elephants, orangutans, giraffes and many more.

As soon as I was asked if I would like to donate an illustration, I instantly knew that I wanted to and a red panda jumped to mind instantly! I have always loved the variety of all the different animals there are, so supporting them, even by just doing one illustration seemed like a good idea. And red pandas are very good to draw, because you have an excuse to Google cute red panda photos!

Red Panda Illustration by Hannah Robinson
I decided to donate a red panda illustration.

As I said, when I was asked if I wished to donate an illustration, I decided to go for a red panda! Red pandas are one of my favourite animals, but unfortunately they are endangered. In fact there are less than 10,000 individual red pandas left. This animal is suffering due to deforestation, causing loss of nesting trees and bamboo, which means the red panda population is decreasing. It was actually surprisingly my first time ever drawing a red panda, but I think it turned out quite well in the end.

I had a lot of fun creating the illustration with watercolours, ink and some coloured pencil. I think it was my first attempt of ever trying to  incorporate coloured inks into one of my illustrations, and I was definitely impressed! The Winsor and Newton ink, really makes elements almost jump off the page. Sometime time in the next few weeks, I plan to write a kind of review of these inks in a blog post (so keep a look out for that)!

And that concludes this week’s blog post. Make sure you are ready to bid on your favourite artwork and prints on the 1st of August (there are so many to choose from)! Over the remaining weeks of the summer holidays, there are still a lot of exciting illustration projects coming up, so I will be blogging about some of those!

Summer Camping by Hannah Robinson Illustrations

Summer Time!

It is finally officially the summer holidays! No school for six whole weeks, with lots more time tor drawing off course! As you can tell I am a just a little bit excited by this fact, so to celebrate, I decided to draw a summer camping themed illustration!

Ink line art by Hannah Robinson Illustrations
The rough drawing in comparison to the finished line art.

To start off my camping themed illustration, I sketched out my idea on a piece of very basic and thin paper. I often do this, so I can try out different things, such as where to put the guitar for example, without spoiling the whole picture. Then with my light box, I put my higher quality mixed media paper on top of the basic sketch and go in with an ink pen to trace the image across. This works really well for me, because at this stage, I can refine the drawing even further.

Winsor and Newton Watercolour Summer Illustration by Hannah Robinson
Adding a splat of colour!

Once the ink had dried, I taped the picture down with masking tape. This keeps it flat, whilst I add watercolour, which helps a lot! At this stage, I mixed things up a bit and used some of my Winsor and Newton ink here and there in certain areas. I really loved the colours in this camping illustration, because I was attempting to get across the message of all things summary and this time of the year is bursting with so many wonderful colours. There’s bunting, a pink caravan, a spotty tent, a rabbit and so many more little things, but I will leave it up to you to spot all the details!

Summer Camping by Hannah Robinson Illustrations
My summer camping illustration!

Last but not least, I finished off my illustration with a few different markers, coloured pencils, a bit of gouache and my oil pastels. This piece is specifically for an exhibition taking place in an local shop in Carnforth, Acorn Oak, which is very exciting (there will be a future blog post all about that very soon)! I hope you like my camping illustration as much as I enjoyed painting it!

Now as the summer holidays are here, I have lots of exciting plans, due to the extra time I have on my hands. You may see a lot of these various different things pop up in various blog posts, but if you want to make sure that you’re updated constantly find me on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Something that is very exciting is that I will be soon announcing the winner of my Facebook giveaway very soon, just 4 more page likes are needed!

Another thing I am planning on doing, is keeping a sketchbook throughout the six weeks. I already keep a sketchbook, but I thought I should treat myself to a new A4 one, with very nice paper inside (I know you’re jealous now). It can in a way be some sort of illustrated diary of what I get up to each day or it may get a bit out of control and just morph into a tonne of random doodles, who knows? Anyway, thank you for reading and I hope you all have a fantastic summer!


Illustrations by Hannah Robinson

The End of #The100DayProject

Much to my amazement and shock, this Wednesday, I finished my 100 day project with #100daysofdrawingdogs. I kept going during: being away on holiday, homework, exams and everyday day to day life, but I did it! It’s probably the biggest challenge that I have ever committed myself to, but I feel that I have learnt a lot along the way.

Sketchbook Dalmatian by Hannah Robinson
Can you spot the panda in this illustration?

First of all I thought I should start off with why my crazy mind decided to have a go at completing the challenge. For some time I have always really wanted to improve at drawing dogs in particular, because they can come in so many different shapes and sizes, giving you such a variety to work with. So when I saw several of my Instagram friends talking about #The100DayProject, I knew that I wanted to join in and draw dogs for 100 days!

Dog Illustration by Hannah Robinson
This dog is one of my personal favourites from the whole project.

This pooch is probably my favourite dogs out of all of them (you can decide for yourself by looking at my Instagram page). I don’t really know why, but I think he would make a great character in a future story, especially since his hair covers his eyes. But I must admit, it was extremely hard to decide on a favourite.

Adventurer Illustration by Hannah Robinson
Some days I had more time to enjoy painting a particular dog.

At the weekends and other odd days, I sometimes had more time to enjoy drawing that day’s dog. When I had lots more time, I could pull out my Winsor and Newton paints and spend a large amount of time creating the ‘perfect’ picture, making it look how I wanted it to. #The100DayProject has taught how I like to work and what materials work with my style for the most impressive results.

Sketchbook Ink Dog Doodle by Hannah Robinson Illustrations
On the other hand, sometimes I only had time for a quick doodle.

But then there were also days were I had virtually no time, but I still managed to squeeze in a little doodle. A very challenging week was exam week at school, with constant revision that needed to be done, but the end of the project was so close, meaning I was determined to carry on at the same pace I had been doing. And I managed to do it, but this dog represented  how I felt a bit.

Super Hero Gouache and Acrylic Illustration by Hannah Robinson Illustrations
I enjoyed mixing things up a bit with different and new art supplies

Each day I drew, painted and coloured my picture and I reached the finish line! I really did feel a bit like a super hero (like the border collie in the above illustration)! For now I haven taken a mini break from drawing dogs, but I feel like I have improved a lot at drawing them. Already, I have lots of new projects that I plan to work on very soon and the summer holidays that are coming up, will give me much more time to focus on my illustration.

Framed Original Summer Watercolour Illustration by Hannah Robinson

My Facebook Giveaway

I am extremely excited to announce that I am doing a Facebook giveaway which you can now enter! There’s an opportunity for you to win this framed, original watercolour illustration on my Facebook page by doing the following:

  1. Like and share the giveaway post (which is currently pinned at the top of my page).
  2. Tag 2 friends in the comments, who would like the picture as much as you do.
  3. Like my Facebook page (Hannah Robinson Illustrations), if you haven’t already.

A winner will be selected at random once we have reached 200 Facebook likes. Good luck to anyone that chooses to enter and to celebrate, I have decided to write a blog post on the process of the illustration that is up for grabs.

Outline of Summer Picnic Illustration
The starting point for my summer themed illustration was the idea of a picnic!

As it is summer here in the UK, I decided that I wanted to do an illustration that is based around the theme of summer. To me, picnics are definitely one of the best things about summer, so with that idea in mind I started to create this illustration. There’s lots of pretty flowers, buzzy bees, butterflies and a panda of course!

Watercolour Illustration by Hannah Robinson Illustrations
Adding some watercolour paint to my Facebook giveaway illustration.

After the ink had dried, I used watercolours to add some colour. For this particular illustration I had a lot of fun painting it, especially the sky. With the sky, I wanted to achieve quite a textured look, instead of just one flat colour, so that was a great experiment to try out! For the grass, I also experimented with a sponge for the same reason and it had a very successful outcome. The checked picnic rug was a bit of a challenge though, as I was painting small stripes with bright red paint and a mistake would spell big trouble for an illustration which was so far going so well (but I got there in the end).

Facebook Giveaway Watercolour Illustration by Hannah Robinson
The finished result after adding a bit of coloured pencil and ink to bring it all together.

Ink and coloured pencil was then added and then the illustration was complete! I used the ink to bring out some areas that needed to stand out that little bit more, such as the mushrooms and the flowers and the coloured pencils provided some further texture and shading. As a whole I am quite pleased with the outcome, which makes me very happy to give someone the opportunity to win it.

Framed Original Summer Watercolour Illustration by Hannah Robinson
Here it is framed, which you have a chance of winning on my Facebook page!

I thought that I should also share a picture of my illustration framed with its mount. Remember to check out my Facebook page where you can find details on how to enter (which are also at the top of this blog post too). One of my particular favourite parts of the illustration is the boy’s top which features a rather wonderful dinosaur and the tiny umbrella in one of the glasses of juice. Once again good luck if you enter, all entries will be deeply appreciated and thank you for reading this week’s blog post. For next week, I will be writing about finishing my 100 day project, which ends this Wednesday!

Watercolour Illustration by Hannah Robinson Illustrations

The Day to Day Life of a Teenage Illustrator

I thought that I should update you all with a little blog post with what I have been getting up to and my plans for the near future, because it has been fairly busy. The school holidays are quickly approaching with only three weeks left (which I am extremely excited about), meaning I will be free for six whole weeks, with pretty much unlimited time for drawing! I have already been plotting various different art projects to do and just can’t wait to get started.

One of the things that I have been up to is working on an illustration which I have donated for Draw for Animals who are going to be raising money on an online auction on the 1st of August for Chester Zoo. There is a whole range of illustrators involved and there will be more information on that in a blog post coming soon at the end of July.

Watercolour and Ink Red Panda Illustration for Draw for Animals by Hannah Robinson Illustrations for Chester Zoo
My Red Panda Illustration for Draw for Animals

Another thing that is pretty exciting is that I will be doing a Facebook Giveaway very soon, so keep your eyes peeled. For someone who enters there will be a chance for them to win an original framed illustration by me. And in case you are a little curious, here is a sneak peek of it for you…

Watercolour Illustration by Hannah Robinson Illustrations
A sneak peek of the illustration for my Facebook Giveaway coming soon!

I have also been working on two very time consuming things, one of them being more enjoyable than the other. One of these things was revision, as I have just finished my end of year tests at school which took up a lot of my free time for the past few weeks. The more enjoyable thing has been continuing to work on my 100 Day Project of #100daysofdrawingdogs and posting a picture of each dog over on Instagram. I am very proud and happy to see that so far I have not skipped a single day and there are only 11 more days to go (including today, which is the next thing to do on my to-do list). I really can’t believe that we are nearly at the finial 10! And there will definitely be a blog post about that when the big scale project has come to a close.

Sketchbook Ink Dog Doodle by Hannah Robinson Illustrations
This was Monday’s #100daysofdrawingdogs illustration with a very sleepy dog!

Like I mentioned before, the summer holidays are quickly approaching and I have quite a few arty plans. This summer I really want to focus on drawing some bigger illustrations scenes such as at the seaside and a fairground. Hopefully they will turn out quite well and may become a new piece in my portfolio, as I plan to give that a bit of an update too.

Another thing which I plan to do is to write lots of different blog posts. If you have any suggestions of what blog post topics you would really like me to write, then please contact me to let me know or just simply leave a comment below. At the moment I have numerous different ideas for future posts, but I am always very interested to hear your suggestions.

And that concludes my little update blog post. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you are as excited as me for all these upcoming art related things that are going to occur over the next few weeks. Remember to keep a look out for my Facebook Giveaway on Hannah Robinson Illustrations on Facebook.