Hiya! I’m a 14 year old illustrator living in the North West of England in Lancashire. In my own little crazy world (which includes many books, pandas and flamingos), I have always loved to draw. Since winning CITV’s Share a Story in 2015, I have always wanted to be a children’s book illustrator.

At the moment, I am currently enjoying working with local businesses and charities and personal commissions. I always have a constant feed of inspiration that comes from almost everything, from my (very) unique cat to my imagination!

In conclusion, I am basically not your typical teenager. Instead you will often find me in the picture book section of the library, foraging for new books, with my little sister, who I have dragged along, to reduce the strange looks from other customers or drawing/creating madness in my little art studio.

Patty the Panda from Share a Story Competition on Train